Saturday, 10 September 2011


Enough talk of all things pink, the cross season has started.
Yorkshire has already started, Southwest starts tomorrow, Northwest next week.
As the team is having more and more members competing around the country myself and Steve Riley have decided we needed some structure.  So like many teams these days we now have a road captain or field captain.
May I introduce you to "Captain" Tim Kershaw.
"I'm delighted, and I wish all my team mates the best in the upcoming season"  said Tim earlier today.
In other 'cross news, for anyone in the southwest wanting to hone their skills, there's a training camp/evening in Truro next Friday. 


Mullerton said...

I forgot to add, the reason we appointed Tim was because he has a carbon bike and dugasts (and Dave Haygarth wouldn't leave wheelbase).And you very fast too Tim.

grant said...

This all sounds very serious.... :-)

al said...

Carbon bicycles, yeah right!!

You just make this stuff up Mikey.