Thursday, 15 September 2011

50 today (in the style of Scott Walker)

50 today

not over the moon about that

wasn't in a pink mood today

but I did get out and ride for 2 hours

it made things more bettterer.

I did wear a VC cap today, that made me smile.

inside ;-)


KatieCake said...

No pink on your birthday! Thats disgraceful... C'mon Steve. Life begins at 50 - you should be celebrating in pink.

Happy Birthday fella. x

I'm not really gay said...

they were in the wash ;-)

Mullerton said...

happy birthday (again) you seem to have a lot of time on your hands now you've retired, nevermind it makes for good reading :)

trio said...

Happy Birthday!

You've retired, sounds fun!

simondbarnes said...

Happy Birthday you old bugger :)

grant said...

Is the close up pic of your ass *our* present?


Steve said...

Nice cheeks!

I'm not really gay said...

no I haven't yet retired, thats a few years off yet, you'll know when because I'll be knocking at the door asking for a bed ;-)