Monday, 8 August 2011


For those of us who weren't there or weren't kept informed of events from Ali's drywhite board over the weekend, Amy has gone and won Sleepless in the Saddle for the second year on the trot. 
Amy was first in the solo women, beating the second place woman by two whole laps and amassed twenty laps in all.
I think we will all be rather impressed by our team mate and congratulate her.
Well done Amy.


KatieCake said...

YAY! Congrats Amy. You rock! =D
(And well done to Ali for such wonderful pit bunny duties too!)

trio said...

Couldn't have done it without Ali!

The velocake shorts got some comments! Can't wait for my new kit ;-)

grant said...

There aren't the words to describe how utterly ace Amy and Ali are.


simondbarnes said...

What a team :)

al said...

Congrats Amy.

I'm almost Inspired to get myself one of them there bi-cycles!


Steve said...

Wowsers. Chapeau Massif!