Monday, 22 August 2011

Paris Brest Paris

May I  raise your attention to your VeloCake team mate, John Morse who at present while you're thinking about going to bed or similar, has been riding non stop since Sunday afternoon in the 194th edition of the Paris-Brest-Paris.

For those of you who don't know the PBP (as those who do know call it) is the worlds oldest and longest audax, or slow bicycle race.  Riders start in the French capital, ride non-stop-ish to Brest at the western tip of Brittany, have the French equivalent of beans on toast then ride back to Paris non-stop, covering 1200km in total and of course he has got his Velocake shirt on

Being all modern and such a prestigious audax, all the riders have GPS chips on them, so just like the pros, you can follow his progress.

long distance weirdos

He's No. 7034.

Bon chance et Chapeau monsieur moustache


simondbarnes said...

Go John!

al said...

You said Brest!!

I'm gonna buy JM a big dollop of cake when he gets back to blighty.


simondbarnes said...

867km done so far!

bunny said...

we got the rubber ring ready for when you get back

Steve said...

Chap to the power of Eau! That's a mighty long way...