Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Hello Team

It's been pointed out that if I wish to remain on the 1st team I need to post something. So todays the day.

Super secret cyclocross season training wrapped up as a pretend commute. I might even do a proper commute as it was so much fun.

Ice Cream Panda

Sorry for the lack of cake as it was more of an ice cream day. Well it wasn't but Monday had been and I didn't get one :0(


Mullerton said...

I think the ice cream panda is far more dangerous than the danger panda.

oh and well done on your post.
keep it up

KatieCake said...

That ice cream looks good.
What flavour is it? Mint?

Tom Levell said...

Mint Choc Chip. They used to do Movenpick but were advertising a different brand but I wasn't paying attention.
Tasted good though.

I may add something else about my secret training when I get around to doing it :0)