Monday, 18 July 2011

The Dark Side

For as long as I remember I've seen myself as young vapour farm boy flying through the trees of Endor on my speedie bike.  The years went by, and before you know it I'd turned to the darkside.

My transformation was completed last week and I went along to the local time trial.
Now I'm of that age that when I was around 14-15 we rode road bikes. It was a world of strange men (almost always men) speaking a strange language in hushed voices, whispering in code, J2/11 J3/16 and so on.

My reason for venturing into this slightly occult gathering, I thought, is that it would be good training for the cross season and that's my reason and I'm sticking to it.
It was also a chance to air the new onesy in public without getting any strange looks.
(Because most of them looked weirder in their pointy hats.)

I'm sure you itching to know how I did, well,I don't think we're on J2/10 anymore Toto.
A nice chap held my bike for me at the start and after that I was like Fabian Enchilada and powered my way round the course.
A pair of regular pointy hatted "testers" were my 2 minute men. I most have been doing alright as they only caught me 500metres from the line. Turns out I was quite fast, I was faster than the last 10 I did, 20 years ago. A PB as "they" call it.

How long until the real racing starts in the cross season?


Tom Levell said...

Hey boss someone with a name a bit like yours but racing for our main CX oponents was doing a 10 down your end.

Mullerton said...

'The Man' wouldn't let me race as VeloCake, because we're not CTT affiliated..meh meh meh. So i had to go 2nd claim. And then they spelled my name wrong! I stuck it to the suits and wore (shock horror)black socks. That told 'em.
Don't tell Jo. :)

I'm not really gay said...

nice work Mickey, thats a hard mans course

were you hard ?

Mullerton said...

I were rock.
Shall i up load my hardness so you can see just how hard i was?

grant said...

And the boss shows how its done.

Good going, Mikey.

Steve said...

That sounds pretty quick. I can do 20mph + for like 200 yds or so.

simondbarnes said...

I thought you did a Cornish TT a couple of years ago?

al said...

Funny how you didn't say anything about TT riding yesterday when I was nicking your biscuits and drinking your tea!!

Wondered why you'd buzzed your sausages.

Also,what was It you were saying about the Schleck sisters?


Mullerton said...

oh al, your such an arse

al said...

I know.