Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Right then, 24 hour Shower Gel Mountain bike race

Oh crikey, Mountain Mayhem.... what a great weekend!

I was going to write a whole essay about it for those of you that weren't there, but I'll keep it brief. 

The biggest highlight for me was the coming together of the VeloCake clan, obviously many people weren't there, but there were thirteen of us altogether. Not everyone was riding, but thirteen none the less.  I am very proud of you all.

It was also great seeing all the old folks from back up North - some of who I haven't seen in three years.  Hello Tim, Nick and Kirsty, Dave, Dominique, Bertie, Rob, the Singletrack lot and everyone else that knows me.

Other memorable moments were Nick Craig letting on to me, I don't know why; maybe he recognised the VeloCake jersey and Jo Burt saying hello while over taking me which was nice.  One of the RetroBikers stopped and asked if Al was with us, he was disappointed when I said no and asked us to pass on a message..... "Al, you're a big jessie!"
Over the last few years, I'd thought Mayhem had got a bit rubbish so having an ace time was a pleasant suprise.
Anyone fancy it next year?

Here's some photographs.

Amy dropping Chipps

Nick, 3rd in solo singlespeed vets
slick handover
Tim enjoying it

Dave cataloging
Kelly's nightlap

In 99th place...


simondbarnes said...

Well done all of you :)

Mullerton said...

you need to hone your brew making skills for next year my friend :)

simondbarnes said...

Next year?

Mullerton said...

why not?

jm said...

Why don't you take Al for the brew making.He's good at that not much else though.

slacker said...

So true jim, so true!

simondbarnes said...

Who's jim?

Mullerton said...

i don't know and who's slacker?
i going to change this to a signy in thingy

al. said...

Keep up mikey you work with the amigo!!


simondbarnes said...

And why is the font on this post all small and the photos all over the place?

Mullerton said...

because, the screen on my flap top is too small to see anything and blogger won't sort it.

jm said...

Hola Senor Al soy no una Gringo !

grant said...

I don't want to hear about your flap.