Monday, 4 April 2011

Velocake does the Cobbles

As it was the weekend of the Tour of Flanders it seemed very appropriate to do the Ronde Van Oust Lancashire as organised by @crossjunkie
What started out as a grey day in East Lancs turned in to a lovely sunny 50mile ride with a few sets of cobbles thrown in for good measure. Team VC had two riders out of the 60 ish, me and Steve R, its always good to meet another VC'er.
The route was somewhat of an unknown until we got over towards Burnley and Hebden Bridge where i knew exactly what was coming, 'The Buttress'. This is a 1 in 5 cobbled climb from Hebden Bridge centre up into Heptonstall, this was the toughy of the day and to be honest i didn't think it was rideable but it was, there was a dry line on the cobbles, it was there for the taking and it was took, cleaned from top to bottom be me and few others but as you can see from the pictures on crossjunkie's blog most walked / tottered there way up in road shoes.
After an awesome cake stop in Heptonstall provided by Sportsunday there were just 15miles to go to the end.
It was a great sight to see a line of riders strung out across the moorland roads as we headed back towards Colne and Barrowford to the finish. Overall an awesome day out with the best mix of social riding and cobbles.


simondbarnes said...

Good work on getting up the Buttress! I can do it on an mtb, not sure I'd get up with 34x25.

grant said...


39:24 is where its at.


simondbarnes said...

I meant 36x25

39x24 is a rubbish cross gear. You'd find out if you weren't too scared to race ;-)

grant said...

There's a statistical possibility of me doing CX this year.

There, I've said it. :-)

(I just wasn't in the mood in 2010....)

TimK said...

I did it on 38x28, just managed to grind it round. Once i had done the tricky bit at the bottom there was no way it was going to beat me.

Steve said...

I thought it showed more solidarity to walk and give folk behind the benefit of the comedy skating duck walk. Wrong tyres I expect. I need some new cleats now.

Fab to meet up Tim. Template for future events that. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Mike is going MTB racing this Sunday and poss a road race the weekend after.

Mullerton said...

Thats a beautiful moment captured on film, or card whatever..of Steve and the Belgians all together. Like a meeting of two great....erm...
No mtb for me this weekend anon.
Sunday morning is this first annual penzance-roubaix, which will be on pave rather than the flemish kassenien.