Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Race Face Circus of Dirt.

That right, cross country racing.  Whilst just about all the rest of you were riding the Hell of the North Cotswolds sportive ride, those of us in the far flung southwest went really racing at round one of the Circus of Dirt.
It was a fantastic course laid out by the Shred people, in a real forest, with fast swoopy singletrack, tricky bits, big climbs and some great descents and the sun was out and then some.
The day was split between an enduro in the morning and the lycra whippets went out for an hour in the afternoon.
We all opted for the interesting format of the enduro although it was only a two hour-er. Fast and a bit longer.

VeloCake True Slacking

John was first back and "won" the enduro, I came in 3rd spot and Pete was 6th, a pretty resounding result for VC, especially as Pete and I stopped to help a fellow racer with a mechanical.  The sod used all my tools then legged it while I was tidying up. We soon caught him and dropped him like a sack of spuds.
A few highlights for you, John got called "south west cross country racing legend" by Steve Toze.  Pete rode the last lap with an ice pack from the St'Johns down his shorts after a headset/nether region interface. Due to bruising and swelling Pete's now know as Aubergine Pete.

Le Van Rouge. (clever eh?)

Oh and the caters were great, from an old Citroen van.  They even had stripey table cloths.


simondbarnes said...

Quality :)

Mullerton said...

which bit? the racing or the catering?

simondbarnes said...

All of it :)

Mullerton said...

Ace! different to Honc, but hella good anyway. You should have been there. there was home made lemonade too.

Pete said...

I'd suggest a caption competition for the top pic, but don't fancy the flak.

Mullerton said...

gibbons and aubergines Pete.

Steve said...
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Anonymous said...

photos from round one and round two here if you want to have a look for yourself
round one


round two


Steve said...

Ace. And thanks for the reminder to listen to the Human League's Circus of Death.