Friday, 1 April 2011

I Love My Bikes.

I've been riding my bike more of late.  I had a lack of enthusiasm at the start of the year for one reason or another. I didn't do much else other than ride to work, heck there was even a few days I didn't ride at all. 

What with a bit of nice weather and the trails drying out, I've been busy on my bike. Theres a few nice runs pretty much straight out the door so the old Spot has been given an airing and we've been having a few "blasts" on the local tracks.  They started of with the normal pools of mud every hundred metres to almost nothing but doost this week. It's good to be a mountain biker again (even if there are no mountains).

Pete pins it in micro Delamere.

I've dug out the Surly a few times too.  Its a fair weather bike, steel, no mudguards and white tyres means it normally only comes out in high summer, especially as we're right by the sea here.  The best ride on the Surly was the other night, it was light and almost summery. It was a ride to chippy and offy/petrol station (wrong, isn't it?) wearing my best fixie twat uniform.  I'm all show over substance, I went for the right leg of my jeans rolled up, messenger bag checked shirt and I almost went for a retro Del Tongo cap from the eighties. Oh I nearly forgot, being a proper cyclist I had my carbon Sidis on, cleats clacking on the tilled floor of the petrol station.

Finally, and I'm a little embarrassed to say this but, some of the best rides I've had of late have been on my road bike.  There really is something very exciting about jumping on a featherweight bit of carbon after riding round on heavy lumps for the last 8 months.  It really gets the sap rising.  The first couple of miles, sorry kilometres,  true roadies use Km, felt like the bike wasn't beneath me.  I was riding along chuckling to myself and getting all giddy just over how exhilarating it was.  Going back to show over substance, I recently got a Pro Roadie jersey from Endura on the last VC order. It's snug, pro snug. What with the new VC armwarmers (which are also very snug) and matching shorts I was looking super pro style.  Jo Burt would have approved.  Skintight is sooo sexy.


grant said...

Thank you for not posting pictures of the new outfit. :-)

simondbarnes said...

Yay. The pro roadie jerseys are lovely. We've got some very nice Castelli summer stuff in le shak now, just need to rob a bank to buy some!

Mullerton said...

Grant i'll send you a private copy of me in my skinsuit then shall i?
just for you.

Simon, i forgot to mention the new dsp bartape which is the best bartape in the world

simondbarnes said...

Yes, it most definitely is the best bartape in the world.

Anonymous said...

where has al gone.

Mediocre Pete said...

Glad yer mojo has made way back. More posts please Ed.