Tuesday, 12 April 2011

A BBQ in the hills

On Sunday Ali came up with an idea to head to the hills for our BBQ. We had been planning one at lunchtime but I would have have then had to head back out to work. If we had it later the sun would have left our backyard.

So I got back at 5pm we jumped on the bikes and headed off up into the hills. A handy trigpoint kept the bbq well off the ground and we ate way too much, Ali was in charge of the food! As the sun set we headed back down off the hills via some lovely singletrack.
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Mullerton said...

how nice, and the sun was out too.
i thought at first you'd found a new diy superstore somewhere. :)

KatieCake said...

Sounds super. =D

Did you have the classic BBQ pudding? BBQ'd bananas with melted choc?

Mullerton said...

Amy, apologies for my bad timing on posting.