Sunday, 27 March 2011

Been a while.

Due to various stuff going on and me not having my VC head on lately I've let the cobwebs spread.  I'm sorry everyone, I've neglected you.  I have no bike news and no kittens to bring out but I do have this.

The Manchester tart.  Pudding of many a school dinner in the 1970's.
I do have some writings about bicycles, but that can wait.  You're excited aren't you reader?


simondbarnes said...

That tart looks quite nice

KatieCake said...

Ergh! ... Is that coconut flakes on the top? That's just wrong! ;-)

grant said...


Where ya been buddy?

I should write something too.

In fact, I will. Soon. Ish.


Mullerton said...

Not been anywhere Grant, i just couldn't top Amy and Tims synchronised cycling.

Rocketdog said...

i'd write loads and update with nonsense, but i haven't got the keys....good job though, i'd also eat all the cake :-)

welcome back BTW

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back and some cake as well.What he hasn't told people is that he now averages 20mph on road rides !!!!!.jm.