Wednesday, 2 February 2011

One more for the competition

 A fine shot from Kelly, who you may all know better as Nunuboogie, and nice to have a picture from one of our female team mates.  If anyone else wants to win Big Steve's creme egg get those entries in quick, as soon as I find a judge, the competition will be over. 
To add a bit of balance, here's one of mine.


Rocketdog said...

you're right, it does look better in B&W apart from the biscuit, which looks like a turd

Anonymous said...

I think for a totally unbiased sensible judge you could use Al.

Mullerton said...

A turd indeed!

Alan has the worst taste in the world. i'd sooner get a guide dog to do the judging.

Anonymous said...

Surely the owner of such a great Golden Rod has the ability to judge mere pictures.