Sunday, 23 January 2011

VeloCake Photography Contest

If you've been following the last few blogs you'll have noticed Big Steve's idea for a photo contest. 

We're looking for jaw dropping and inspirational photographs to be used for the new VC imagery banks.  Send you entries to me at: or post them on the VeloCake flickr group.

Judging will be put to an unbiased panel and the winner will receive at least a Cadbury's creme egg. Very witty strap lines will also be welcome.

To get the ball rolling ...

Big thanks to Rocketdog for the inspiration to show the beautiful West Midlands in all its natural glory.


Rocketdog said...

that is 4 minutes ride fom my old house..

...and 10 minutes from some great singletrack *blows raspberry*


Mullerton said...

the beautiful and picturesque west midlands eh.

grant said...

It just makes me want to up sticks, leave this fair land and come south.