Friday, 10 December 2010

Normal service will be resumed shortly

Until then, look at the kitten.
It has a santa hat on! 


Simon said...

Marvelous :)

Mullerton said...

you're busy too then.
I guess you'd like the christmasy-ness of it all.

Anonymous said...

wtf? all this jibber jabber about not calling beer "beers" (coz its "too american") and you refer to father christmas as Santa? are you now embracing american-isms?

al said...

Gee, ain't it cute!

da iddy biddy santy claus hat, just too much!!

Americanized! us?


Mullerton said...

I was of course refering to the northern European custom of Santa Claus, not sanda clows from across the pond.

Americanised us? a haha ha

Simon said...

> I guess you'd like the christmasy-ness of it all.

Exactly :)

bikemonkey83 said...

I certainly don't miss building up endless MT220s and 4100s.

Mullerton said...

I bring out the kittens and James chirps up.
You're so predictable. happy birthday for today by the way.

(i don't ever remember seeing you build bikes in the shak)

Anonymous said...

Can we have some cake pics please with or without kittens and hats please and please again without shouting.