Thursday, 23 December 2010

A Festive Post

I couldn't find a christmas bicycle cake, but as Keith once said, choose two. So here's a christmas cake I stole from a French website.  It's from France, so it must have bicycles running though the middle. They call it un gateau noel.

Happy mid winter celebrations everyone.


al said...

what a fabby bit of cake action.

Thank you ickle mickey mulldoon!

A big early Merry Chriatmas to all of you nutters.

All my love, al.

al said...

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Proof-reader needed at my house, pay is minimal although tea and cake flows all day long.

please apply to....

That strange man that talks about filling his face all the time,West Cornwall.


grant said...

Merry xmas from Scotchland!!!!

Rocketdog said...

Penguins are native French birds? Hmm

Happy Christmas Velocakers!

I wish you many wins and celebratory cakes in 2011


Mediocre Pete said...

It's tosh

glad the suns out