Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Cross season finale

The last race of the season is just around the corner and there are two big races going on.
Firstly the Todmordon cross is going on and a truly spectacular it will be.  Not only is it just very slightly different to your average cross race, this year it'll be all bier and frites served from the back of a wagen. 
Then for those of us in the southwest, the final round is is Plymouth.  Although not quite the Todmordon Belge fest, they have organised a buffet for afterwards. (So civilised)  Anyone care to join us?


Rocketdog said...

Join you for the buffet? No problem

*attaches bib*

Simon said...

Cross race followed by a buffet? Sounds splendid. I'll see you there :)

Mediocre Pete said...

I was too busy wheezing after the last one to appreciate haute cuisine.

And Plymouth is a long way to go to. I am not fast, I'm more built for comfort than speed. Enjoy the scenery, share some banter with fellow riders "After you" etc.

Can we have more cakes in the noo year. With this racing you are really scaring us.

grant said...

Are you going to do other races this year Mikey? MTB races and the like....




grant said...

I want race reports, dammit!!

Simon said...

Mike was fast, I was very slow. That's all you need to know Grant.

grant said...





Mullerton said...

Don't worry big man, it's been done right now. With pictures and everything.
By the way, what mtb are you suggesting hmmm?

Simon said...

where is it then?

grant said...


MM....I wonder.