Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Another Icy CX Race

The time had come for the next Yorkshire Points Series CX race in Wakefield. It was going to be another icy race as the previous few days hadn't been above freezing and the night prior to the race had been -12C.

On arriving at the race there was a definite lack of riders knocking about, this was confirmed by me being No.15 on the Senior signing in sheet. A brief watch of the Vets race conformed that the course was hard and icy with the corners becoming more polished with each lap. I managed a very tentative preview lap of the course and HOLY SHIT it was lethal, i nearly came a cropper at the first corner! The twisty part of the lap through the woods was foot out time to catch the inevitable slides, I've never ridden a course so cautiously.

Anyway, there was a grand total of 20 riders for the Senior race and as usual we all set of like the clappers around the edge of the playing field. I got a fairly good start until the first slippy corner in the woods where i slid wide and lost my chain, i was 20th out of 20. Time to throw caution to the wind and hope my bike handling skills where up to scratch. I managed to get a few places back and latch onto the back of a trio of riders, one being the legend Chris Young. I stuck with these guys for a couple of laps, they gapped me on the flat but i pulled them back on the twisty stuff, roadies are rubbish when it comes to twisty slippy stuff. But then I lost my chain again just at the start of the flat fast section so that was it, the roadie boys had gone. It was just me and my usual battle buddy who was 20 or so metres behind. As usual he closed the gap on me in the middle of the race but he was bottling it on the twisty stuff so i held him off and finished the race on my own in 14th, my best result yet in the Yorkshire Point Series.

The final round of the series is my home race Todmorden Cross on the 2nd Jan, i'm hoping for a larger field in the Senior race to have some good racing.

That's all for now.


Mullerton said...

whats chris young doing in the seniors, isn't he about 50 odd?
still well done, I can't remember the last time I raced.

TimK said...

Think Youngy like to be pushed a bit more than he would be in the Vets race, makes the senior field more competitive too. A few of the top vets do it, sometimes they race both Vet and Senior back to back :-o