Sunday, 7 November 2010

Yet more racing results.

Although this weekend was a week off in the SW league,  Team VC has been busy around the rest of the country cross racing. 
First up was yesterdays NWCCA race at Lady of the manor.  VC newcomer Tim Kershaw rode a fine race to finish 20th in the seniors. 
Today in the NECCL at Preston Park, Tom Levell must have done a hell of a ride as the result from his Garmin have his top speed at 35mph. that must be almost unheard of in a cross race.  We're waiting to hear todays results with baited breathe.

The usual large crowds gather at the sandpit.

Oh and last week I rode at Ashburton in a very wet and muddy race that even had a sandpit.  it was like a real cross race.  I finish 13th after a sprint finish with some other fella.

I can go fast


Rocketdog said...

sand pit for mid race castle building? best structure gets a 20 second time bonus?
i think it could work!

first post removed due to shocking spelling!

al said...

I dont now how to deleat bad smelling. So i hav to leeve my bad speling on hear.


Tom said...

The actual reading on the GPS was 21mph max speed. I think the 35mph one is the GPS trying to catch up with itself :0)

Mullerton said...

You're just being modest now Tom, don't be ashamed of really racing. Gary, i've got a photo of the sandpit, i'll put it on tonight

Tom said...

Well I did stick it in big ring for the downhill then whimpered back up it.

grant said...

Sorry there's been nowt from north of the border for a wee while.

Various plans fell through / nothing's been happening of interest.

2011 though, that'll be different as Jamesey and I will.....well, that's a secret for now. :-)

Anonymous said...

Well done Mr Mulroy, you've got me interested in mud wrestling, even if it's just as a spectator.

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