Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Velocake does MTBing at Gisburn

Flexi-days are all about having fun, working up the extra hours to enjoy them and there's nothing more enjoyable that going to ride a bike on a flexi-day. So Novembers day was used to go and ride the red route at Gisburn Forest with my other half, Lisa.
It was a cold foggy day, around 2 degrees, but at least it was dry. We wrapped up well and set off on the 18km forest loop. It's the first time either of us has ridden the red route at Gisburn and i can tell you that it is a really good ride, lots of nice singletrack through the forest, some techy bits, some great board walk sections and no horrible long climbs. Oh and one thing i have to tell you about is Hully Gully, it is a short section of black trail that has HUGE berms, it was awesome!

Check out this you tube video, not by me but it shows Hully Gully really well.

Hully Gully

I even got to have a ride on the little bit of northshore which i usually bottle, but i nailed it, woohoo!!


Anyway, the day was finished off with a nice pub tea, bonus!


Mullerton said...

i rode the mountainbike twice this week. After the initial excitement having forks and discs, I kept thinking "I can do all this on the crosser and it'd be more exciting"
it all felt a bit sterile...but we don't really have much to "rock" around here.
You look crazy riding over logs like that though....woooaaah

Teetosugars said...
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