Saturday, 13 November 2010

New Velocaker

Well here i am, i volunteered myself as Yorkshire rep for Velocake after catching back up with Mikey through twitter. I've been racing a few of the Yorkshire Points CX series this year with the Seniors, averaging about 30 riders in the field and to be honest I've had my arse handed to me on a plate each time i do but it's all good fun having battles with the same people at the mid to rear of the pack at each race.
I seem to have really got the CX bug this season and i am planning my new bike build for next season already, i might even treat myself to some tub wheels etc. :-o

My first race for Velocake was last weekend, Sat 6th Nov, and it was quite a contrast racing in the Northwest league in St Helens compared to the Yorks. Series. The field was huge, a hundred riders rather than the 30ish i'm used to in my usual races but its nice to be in a large field and have people to catch and pass, oh and be caught and passed too.

The course was around Sutton Manor Forestry Area and there seemed to be an awful lot of singletrack that turned to slop as the race went on. I had a crap start, i need to get my elbows out more, and as usual it took me 20mins or so to get warmed up properly. In the last half hour i seemed to pick up quite a few places of people that were slowing. I ended up being 38th out of 100 (20th senior) which i am happy with.

Here's a couple of photos taken by Sport Sunday Photography

Well that's all for now, I'm out racing next on the Sun 21st Nov on the Yorks. Series in Bingley, cant wait!


KatieCake said...

Keep up the good work.

And welcome to the team. :D

Rocketdog said...

NIce work Tim

Sportsunday said...

Thanks for the link

Mullerton said...

Welcome Timothy, it's good to have someone on the right of the pennines (although technically you're in the middle and still in Lancashire but hey...)

keep up the good work.

grant said...

GO TIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!