Wednesday, 10 November 2010

If it's so wrong for so many reasons, can it be right?

Trek keep making bikes don't they. 
This one's the new Cronus CX, to be released in the Americas next year.  It's all carbon fibre.

It has a subtle line in graphics, an outline of Trek on the top of the down tube, and one hidden under the downtube.  The head badge is just a small badge.
My current Trek cross bike has "Trek" written on it 38 times. Bad form! 

It is expensive, but hey, I've been selling Treks for years and they have a wonderful staff purchase "programme".  I've been toying with the idea of getting a fancy carbon cross bike one day, but always thought of something more Euro or niche.

There is a downside to all this.  This year Trek have ended Fisher bikes as such, and enveloped them into the Trek Gary Fisher collection.  For the less main stream shall we say, such as 29ers and that sort of thing.  The biggest problem is, it has "The Gary Fisher Collection" on it somewhere and you'd have to grow a ridiculous moustache/goatee combo, and claim to have invented everything ever.


Rocketdog said...

AH crap, I already have the moustache and beard weirdness dialled and two 29ers and am called's inevitable isn't it?

Mullerton said...

hmmm...You didn't invent the mountain bike though, so I think you're in the clear.

Old Relic said...

........alright for a svelte, athletic Johnny like you, but I'll stick to my hopefullt, impending, ferrous, made from girders, but from California rather than Scotland, cross-type frame! That's an idea! What about a Scottish made, steel frameset, with the name Barrs on it, finished in orange and blue and "Made from girders" on the top tube! My next project......doo kens?

Mullerton said...

is that some odd local dialect you're speaking from your days in the hebrides. Grant, james step in here.

Halfbee said...

Step away, you can't have one.

Mullerton said...

why not? You've changed Simon.
promoted to euro whatnot and the power's gone to you head. i've already signed up the VC cross team for one each, Chris said she would sort it so nerr.

nice to have you back, how are you by the way, things all going well?

Halfbee said...

All jolly good thanks.

I checked today - thems will be here for next cx season, I'm quite tempted myself.

Mullerton said...

ooo we could do with someone doing races in the middle bit, would you be up for it. maybe we could finally get the Trek/VeloCake deal off the ground.
what do say?

p.s. if you need stock updates, tweet the TrekUKmedia dept, she's very good

al said...

How about a Trek/Volkswagen sponsorship,like the good old days?

I've got the cars, you could sort the bikes mikey.