Friday, 1 October 2010

Too Much Racing? Too Little Cake.

Yesterday I received an email, this weekends 'cross has been cancelled due to some public school not wanting 50 bike oiks messing up their precious rugger pitches which are already water logged, besides Jeremy and Quentin might be upset with the tyre tracks across the cricket crease.  Now what am I supposed to do on Sunday, selfish snobs!
So after the frantic start to the season, it's a big break until the 17th October and the Bodmin cross.
To fill the dead air until then, here's some muffins from the Co-op that Alan bought this week.


grant said...

Bad show, Toff's. Bad show.

It's just not cricket.

al said...

The Muffins made it home for a photo shoot Mikey? Ever the Pro' Mikey, ever the Pro'

Did Mrs muldoon like the blueberrys or did she pick them out?


Simon said...

The Muffins look lovely.

Shame about the race being cancelled. I half wish the one I did had been - it hurt so much! Think I avoided being DFL but not by much.

KatieCake said...

Hi Al.

Aye, I ate and enjoyed 2.
Although they wouldn't be my 1st, (2nd or 3rd) choice, cake is cake after all!

So a BIG thanks for sending them in our direction.

Mullerton said...

Simon, were you wearing the team colours or the shaks? DFL would've been a proud achievment for VeloCake

Simon said...

Cake colours, although they were mud coloured pretty quickly :)