Sunday, 17 October 2010

Team VeloCake Vs the beast of Bodmin

Well it’s that time again… time to accompany Mikey to a cross race. I wasn’t really in the mood for it when I woke this morning. After the last cold CX race I prepped with my merino base layers, gloves and a hat, I was ready for whatever the weather threw at me. Turns out, I was overdressed. The sun was out and there was no wind, it was glorious.

Team VC perfect photo opp
Just as Mikey was about ride off for a practice lap, we were shocked to see fellow VeloCaker, Andrew (Old Relic) pull into the car park. He wasn’t riding today, just here to see what all the fuss was about and offer Mikey support. He really went to town and came attired in his team jersey and cap. Go Team VeloCake!
After a brief exchange Mikey set off on his warm up lap, whilst Andrew drove off in search of a parking space. Minutes before the start we regrouped and Andrew dropped a bomb-shell. “Who’s that other chap in the VeloCake kit?WTF? Where?

"Old Relic" - new directeur sportif.
 Moments later, just about to finish his warm up lap came a sight that we just weren’t expecting. Peter changed his mediocre ways and decided to bite the Cyclo-Cross bullet.

Woop woop. This was gonna be great. The VeloCake massive were in full force. This was one of the biggest VeloCake South West turnouts since Ivybridge. (Pete had bought his teenage daughter for support - obviously watching Dad ride round in circles is much better than homework.)

The race itself soon got underway, with a bizarre twist that saw cyclists start the course going the wrong way down the finish/start straight and then doing a u-turn to go back the right way (Apparently, to thin out the ranks for the first tight corner). Despite these precautions some poor bloke managed to come off within moments of the start line.

The race carried on as usual – the fast elite lot were fast and elite and the field quickly became strung out with those top riders dropping everyone whilst the rest jossled for position. To my amusement after picking his way through the mid-field Mikey found himself just behind one of the two female riders; the South Wests own  MTB legend Maddie Horton.  He stayed with her for most of the race, (he is adamant he wasn’t staring at her bum) until she accelerated off in the last few laps.   On the last lap, he did his usual trick of picking off as many riders as he could to make up ground, finally catching back up to Maddie and finishing 23rd overall and more impressively 12th Senior rider.

As for Pete, he also did a mighty fine job. On the first few laps he did really well; holding his own mid-field. The next few laps saw him nearer the back, having proper conversations with everyone he passed (or who passed him). Despite a huge grin he soon started to go backwards through the field but in true VeloCake style he wasn’t quite DFL!

Peter The Mundane goes backwards through the field

A great time seemed to be had by all and I'm now looking forward to next weeks VC meet at Pignuts.

Hope to see all you North Western lot there.

(BTW better photos @ Aminthule's Flickr)


Simon said...

Great result! See you both next Sunday.

KatieCake said...

Hup hup buttercup.

Looking forward to it.
I hope you are gonna be wearing your VC kit though. ;-)

Mullerton said...

I can't wait. it'll be good to have some real racing back in the north.
Simon, Are you going to hang around for a bit afterwards? Amy and Katie are buying a pub lunch for us all! :)
Although it might be the Greenbank, which is rubbish.

Mullerton said...

Did the report say I finished in 12th place.

Simon said...

Yup, will hang about afterwards for some food.

I have no idea where I finished today.

Simon said...

Oooo, 102nd out of 139 starters. That must be my best result ever :)

37 people slower than me!

Mullerton said...

well done.
next week you'll be better.
Riley the ringer will be out and he's a super domestique so will tow us to the front. He's super fit and has a big engine.
(tht's how i've thought it out anyway)

al said...

Well done team.

I'm up in Mancunia next week, although i am coming back on the saturday!


Mullerton said...

is that this week or next saturday?

al said...

Is that a trick question?

Me and the bird will be leaving on the morrow and heading back on the first saturday coming olong next!

Will you and your lovely love be in Mamchester during the week?

Not sure why I don't just phone you on the phonemobile!!


Mullerton said...

we'll pass on the M6, we could meet at Knutsford services like pair of '90s ravers
OOwooo OOwooo!

al said...

I'll bring the glow sticks!


Mediocre Pete said...

Nice write up. I think the 'holding his own in mid-field' was rather euphemistic.

I have to face facts; I'm really not very fast. Not very fast at all. How do they (the rest of the pack) go so quick?

A real mystery.