Saturday, 30 October 2010

Our Friends in the North

It’s been a busy week. There has been the best of times, there has been the worst of times.

A quick run through the weeks highlights for you then.
Firstly, there was a slog up the motorway back to the north to race in the NWCCA round at Pignuts. It was a special VeloCake occasion as 4 of us were racing, Steve, Amy, Simon (sort of) and myself, the biggest turn out in any event.
Not only that but the supporters club (Ali and Katie) had upped their game (and numbers) and were out in full force with heckles and cowbells. Not only did we have a full squad, but there was also members of Here Come the Belgians, various people I hadn’t seen for ages and cyclocross legend Ian Small.

The race panned out in the usual style but with more people, 118 or so, the start was chaotic and people were everywhere throughout the whole race.  I was carving through the field, Steve used his gazelle link prowess to great effect on all the run ups and Simon and Amy chatted all the way round at the back.
Half way round the last lap my rear mech exploded and I ended up running to the finish. I’ve never had a bad mechanical before, it must be the northern mud.
There are millions of photographs on the internet here's some links.

Thankfully the good people at the Bikeshak had a new rear mech and hanger so the bike is up and running again and ready for more SWCX tomorrow in Ashburton.

A impromptu VC café meet also happened, Amy, Katie and myself met up and had a nice cup of coffee and a couple of slices of cake in the fashionable bo-ho suburb of Chorlton cum Hardy. In true VeloCake style only one of us turned up on a bike.

One last thing, we have a new ringer. Despite all ready trying to get him to join for last years Tod cross, he’s now realised how cool we all are and succumbed.
Welcome if you will, Tim “Fingers” Kershaw. Tim will be representing in the Yorkshire ‘cross league this winter. Go Tim.


Anonymous said...

Well done all. The coffee looks nice as does the cake, but the mud looks stickier!

Old Relic

Simon said...

Sunday was a fine day. We should do it more often.

Only too happy to sort you out with bits to mend your bike, there has to be some plus points to working in the bike trade :)

Good luck tomorrow, I should be back on a cross course in a couple of weeks after sitting this weekend out.

grant said...



That aside, it looks ace. :-)

Mullerton said...

Our Friends in the North, not Our Friends in the Far North.

Greater Manchester is in the north (of England)

Scotland's ace isn't it?

al said...

'Go Cakers'

Well done team.

That coffee and cake does look nice mikey, but surely you meant Chorlton was full of Hobo's.

al, the norvvy massive!!

Anonymous said...

Cake looked good on sat morn Ale if you could of been bothered to get out of your pampered feather quilted bed.

Steve said...

Fabbo. lets do it again sometime