Sunday, 26 September 2010

Ooh You'll Have It Dark

Shred Super Cross. 

On the way to the fabled Newnham park in Plymouth I started to get a bit nervous. The NPS race was on Saturday afternoon so there was likely to be big crowds, big fields and big riders.  Last year the current cream of the national cross field and ex Tour de France riders rode. At least this year it clashed with the 3 peaks.

At the start I decided not to mess around.  I shuffled up the grid deciding not to get blocked in at the back of the field. The usual chaos on the first few corners happened, but I missed most of it and found myself mid field.  Quickly found an EliteVelo sparring partner and despite a brief locking of bars we spent the next four or five laps together, properly "through and offing" in order to catch up with many dropping off the front groups.  I dropped him a few times, but he kept coming back. 

Thats me leading Jody Crawforth (in the red)

All this time the band played on with numerous "rocking" hits. Mid way through they started playing Pink Floyds Comfortably Numb which went on for bloody hours.  If there's a rockin' band, why play long winded droning on dirge for 10 minutes?  Oh and Elvis was dancing around and giving out Dollar bills in the middle of the race.

Elvis is in the middle
Just after this the leaders came through, these being Jody Crawforth and Paul Oldham and an other fella from Hope.  Best of all, I finished only 1 lap behind.

On the last lap I got away from Chris from EliteVelo, even better still I caught and dropped a bloke from Cycle-logic (our nearest "other" bikeshop) eat it looser.   I finished 20th in the seniors, not bad considering the former national champion and some of the best riders in the country were riding.

Dollar bills y'all

I don't mind mtb racing, especially longer stuff. I don't like road racing or timetrialing, but cross racing, I bloody love it. No idea why, it's just bloody brilliant!
I am a fieldracer.


Simon said...

Blimey, you must be super fast! Oldham lapped me 3 times last weekend!

grant said...


Well done!

Mullerton said...

oh yeah, one lap behind him. it took him 7 miles to catch me.

i am a fieldracer, ik bin vieldrijden. in flemish

grant said...

What's "I'm a useless grumpy Scottish fecker" in flemish?

al said...

That's like waay cool dude!

Just seventeen place for a podium finsh.

Stink Floyd!! I bet that racket lost you a couple of places.


Mullerton said...

nice to have you back Al, don't worry there'll be some cake on here soon.