Friday, 13 August 2010

Some Stuff.

There's been some new members to the squad lately swelling the official roster (paid up team members) to over 30 of us.  30!   Welcome to you all, one day I'll take a register of everyone. 

This weekend some of you will be heading to deepest darkest Wales for SSUK.  Everyone's father figure, big Steve, will be doing his best to maintain his personally high race standards, obviously.  I'm sure he'll relax afterwards - and only afterwards - with a cold bottle of beer.  Also racing there will be good ol' Nick W and VC newbie, Kelly. Although, they will have entered under their own mini-club/made up name type thing.
For the rest of us sat at home, at least you'll still have a healthy liver and you won't have to fight off Biff from your tent.

One other thing recently was Amy winning SiTS solo women's class and getting interviewed in VC. kit.  Fantastic, it's from the B.C.F.s website. (it'll always be the BCF to me).

One last thing, here's some people riding up a patisserie. (It was sent in by the Old Relic.)


trio said...

Shame she didn't zoom out so you could see the kit!

Mullerton said...

the PVC is pretty obvious though.
anyway, people who know will know

I'm not really gay said...

well, I kicked arse with Gordo, report later in't week

you two were missed

Mullerton said...

well done to you and gordon. what did you win?

who two? was missed

I'm not really gay said...

I won the steve aged 48 cat and gordon schooled all the gordons

you two, you and Katie

grant said...

Ace. More winners for Velocake.

Any clues on the location of 2011?

(Yes, I know, etc etc....)

Mullerton said...

fife is beautiful at that time of te year isn't grant?

steve, you say the kindest things, i meant what did you win isn prizes, not what you won.

nunuboogie said...

Thanks for the mention, had an excellent weekend at SSUK followed by a week's riding at Afan.
I was one of the ladies with beards ;-)

Mullerton said...

is it a real beard or just stuck on for weekends?