Monday, 2 August 2010

Petanque Night

The first annual VeloCake petanque night is happening on Tuesday 3rd August around 19:00 until the tide comes in on Perranuthnoe beach.  Drinks and nibbles will be available so grab your boules  and come down (by bike only).
After match analysis and bar snacks in the pub afterwards.


Confused said...

The what?

al said...

That's short notice?

It can take me a good couple of weeks to 'get my eye in'

Will you be organising another meet? You know me,i do like a bit of ball play. Bring it on loosers!!


Mediocre Pete said...

Can't make choosdays. been up for it otherwise.
On other stuff, will be seeing you for shirt in not too distant

VeloCake said...

What an amazing night, i had veg chow mein, proper jobs an some frisbee.
Alan, next month, bring it girlfriend.

Katie won the petanque, but she's always been good at chucking boules.
it ended about 6 games to four. she had a late flourish.

Pete, i'll mail you, exciting news.

al said...




VeloCake said...

shut it grandad, at least I can still walk unaided

Anonymous said...

I used to be able to do

al said...

Who is this Anonymous John Morse?

As for walking unaided, It's the only way i can get young ladies to put their arms around me these days.

No jokes about needing a group of them to get their arms around my waist either!!