Sunday, 8 August 2010

news from the midlands

newsflash ... Amy has just won SITS 2010 solo ladies :-)))

and more mundane news

light weight touring/bivvying is gathering pace, starting to think about next years Great Divide tour and how best to do it I'm starting to gather gear together and looking for places to practice, Mikey will recognise this place...

for some reason I cant post pics linked to Flickr any more.

Anyway, 4 hours of singlespeed spinning today, exploring well known local trails but looking for somewhere to sleep, a few possibles, just need to talk someone into joining me now :-)


VeloCake said...

she was wearing some ol' mike cookson jersey and not her new V.C. colours i'll bet.

still, bloody hell winning SiTS. thats quite something. Well done Amy.

grant said...

Well done Amy!!!

Mike - it's not the colours you're wearing on the outside that ultimately matter, its the colour ou are on the inside and Amy is Velocake through and through. :-)


VeloCake said...

yeah, but how cool would it be to have one of our own on the podium in a shirt.

it'll probaly never happen again will it :)

grant said...

At SitS or just any podium?

Velocake *have* podiumed this year, remember. :-)

trio said...

The winners interview is in full velocake kit and I believe that is going on British Cycling!