Friday, 13 August 2010

The Hour of the Wolf(trax)

James and I are off to Laggan Wolftrax tomorrow for some giggles on a trail that's usually sans power-rangers.

It is, without a doubt, one of the two best man made trails in this fair country [1] IMO and has a cafe and shop run by two of the nicest people on the circuit. The kind of people who have, in the past, put a chocolate cake in the oven, just for us, while we did another lap. The spirit of the 'Cake, for sure.

I am photographing, he is writing it up afterwards. I may make him take some photographs too.

To creat a little anticipation, here's a taster from previous visits....




[1] That country being Scotchland, btw.... :-)


Rocketdog said...

We'll need cake pictures too

grant said...

Of course.

Mullerton said...

will jamesie be reporting on the ride?

Jamesy said...

I'll be trying to report on the ride!
Just completed my Selkirk write up and have no idea if its any good...or how to post it here!

grant said...

Mikey - you need to 'invite' jamesy to contribute from your control panel.

(I can't, I'm just a punter...)

Mullerton said...

I will Grant but i've been vetting him over the last few weeks and making sure he's suitable. Obviously only I have ultimate control on here, I could crush you all like flies

Jamesy said...

My first attempt is now available for criticism on my blog.
Think I need to learn the art of summarising :)