Sunday, 8 August 2010

Busy times in the land called Scotchland

More team action in Scotchland.

Resplendent in his new Velocake Top, James accompanied me to Comrie Croft, nr Crieff and just up the road from some golf course called Gleneagles.

Comrie Croft isn't a trail centre per se, more a trail on the site of, and made by the residents of, a youth hostel. Man made, but with care taken to make it as natural feeling as possible, not a bulldozed motorway populated by power-ranger armour wearing, over-biked dickwads. [1]

Short, but still with loads of bang for your buck......a steep fire road climb that turns into a techy singletrack ascent, some rock features, steep chutes, rocky stepdowns and fast singletrack. Easy to loop and ride again and again. Lots to challenge you and enough to ensure that we'll return to conquer the sections that beat us.

We could have done without the ticks though and the happy clappers in the hostel hall were disturbing for sure.......minor things in the grand scheme.

Here's their site.

The top.

[1] ....which is a rant for another time....


VeloCake said...

gone on give us a rant about fro'power rangers and their awesome 6" rigs dude

trio said...

We stayed there a few years ago. Great natural riding and the trails had just been started.

grant said...


I need to get wound up again. :-)

Jamesy said...

Trails were excellent, as their web site said you need technical ability over speed...neither of which I have in abundance!

Still, we did look ever the pro cycling team in our matching Velocake jersey's :-)

grant said...


Where's your Selkirk write-up young man? ;-)