Friday, 23 July 2010

Some news.

Do you remember way back when in March; high summer seemed so long away and the thought of some new VC jerseys was just so exciting.  As the months came and went along with various events, you forgot all about it and had to make do with other jerseys with less panache.

Well, today I've had words with Endura and amazingly they say they are finally putting the final touches to the jerseys today, ready for immediate dispatch on Monday.  So with a bit of postal luck and fair winds, we will have our Scotch members highly visible at the Selkirk 100 next Sunday and the rest of you can all be looking super next weekend too.

I had a email this week from Simon Smythe at Trek bicycle corporation ltd.  Simon and his dancing bear Dan, both have VeloCake caps and rode Le Etape last weekend and sent a photograph of him and hat on top of Le Col du Tourmalet.  The photo might have been only been taken half way up, but he says it's at the top and who are we to doubt him.

Finally, if you thought Audax was a bike ride for people called David and Geoff, who keep the skeleton of their dead mother in the attic then think again.  (Possibly two people who read that last bit would understand).
VC member Don is organising an Audax on Sunday around the Penzance area and several local VC'ers will be riding.  Plentiful cake is available at the finish.

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al said...

Well done to all you V.C. guys 'n' gals in getting out and getting noticed.

No word on J.M's Mega-Audax (run to the tat) then Mike?