Friday, 9 July 2010

I wrestled a bear!

Contador Vs Schleck - A special(ized) sense of humour!

I'm really enjoying le Tour, but this has to be the best thing so far. I love it!

(Best watched with sound!)


Tom said...


Blimey it's a good job they aren't going up there this year or he'd have no chance of winning.

VeloCake said...

As the person in charge here I should point out that other bike brands are available and does not use or endorse the Specialized bike corp ltd.
For example and in the interest of fairness, Trek bikes have a wide and varied range to suit the whole spectrum of cyclists and they're at very competitive prices too.

Lance wouldn't do a comedy advert though, would he.

grant said...

I'm pretty sure he has.

Oh, here they are.

I feel a seperate post coming on (purely because the HTML won;t play ball!)