Thursday, 15 July 2010

Cake of the Week.

Continuing the French theme, this weeks cake is the tarte fraise.  Or strawberry tart to those of us who don't parlez the lingo.


Big Blobby Billy Bunter's Big Blobby Brother. said...

Yum Yum!

I could bury my head in that cakey cake.


VeloCake said...

are you back from managing radioshak then Al?

al said...

Just back for a whistle stop tour of Harley St.

and to sing a little song for you..

" Doctor Doctor"
"can't you see Lance crash and burnin' burnin"

I know you're too young to remember the Thopmson twins.


Simon said...

Nice looking cake Michael.

Your old mucker Svensson got taken out by a moped yesterday. You should send him some cake to cheer him up.
(I'll promise not to eat it all)

VeloCake said...

holy J.Christ! howd that happen? he's not still trying to be a messenger on his langster is he?

glad to have you back btw

Old Relic said...

Double hard bastard or what?

Check out the following link -

How about sendin a aVelocake cap?