Sunday, 11 July 2010


The Scottish VC massive (manpower: 2) were out today for some Glentress Black action in advance of our assault on the CRC Selkirk Marathon in three weeks.

A gutbursting climbs and techy descending were the order of the day and something resembling consistent weather would have been nice, but it wasn't to be. Grinding slowly uphill, the weather held off until, as we neared the top the wind and rain came in without warning.

One moment, it was this:


15 minutes later (5+ spent sheltering in the hut at the top), it was this:


Some sort of freakish rain nonsense and high winds. It was rapidly ceasing to be fun but we pressed on and eventually got into the singletrack in the trees. Shelter at last. We dipped in and out of the treeline then suddenly it was gone. The sun was out and the wind had disappeared.

We'd hardly seen a soul so far but after one more descent and climb, we joined the mix of red and black trails on the way back to the car park. The traffic increased considerably as we hit the motorways of the more travelled trails.

More traffic unfortunately means more chance of cocks on bikes and we encountered our share. Some padded, over-biked dicks hassled their way past James with a few obnoxious shouts. Fortunately karma got one back at the second group, sending one of them flying off on a boardwalk section. He probably never felt anything through the power ranger armour.

From there, the car park, a change of clothes and an well earned bacon and egg roll, followed by C.A.K.E.

So, three weeks until Selkirk. Are we ready? Hell no, but that's not the point. It's about fun, survival and cake.


VeloCake said...

why don't those trees look quite real in the top photo?

KatieCake said...

What kind of VeloCake post is this? You neglected to tell us about the importance stuff.... ie, what kind of cake.

Sounds like a fun ride though. ;-)

grant said...

Everyone's a critic.....

Millionaires shortbread.


KatieCake said...

Mmmmmm. Lovely! =D

VeloCake said...

i was mearly being observant rather than picky and I am impressed at the unearthly glentress tree line. dave barman and i went there once, is the photo at the bit after the big climb to the hut at the top?

grant said...