Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Racing, not riding

It's that time again; mid-summer and the 24 hour season is well and truly upon us.  After the Team VC's success (ahem) at the National Solo Championships, VeloCake is sort of racing at Mountain Mayhem. 

Four years ago the youngest member, James Kay was absolutely terrible at the first Bonty 24/12.  Not only did he pack after one lap, he locked his keys in the car and was up till 4:30am waiting for the breakdown man to turn up.  With all this behind him, he's now ready for Mayhem.  Although he's riding for his employer, Freeman Hardy Willis, he will be wearing the team colours in the 10 member "fun" catagory.  He might get to ride 2 laps.

On a slightly different track, but again with a summer connection. 
You know how for a couple of weeks in July the Tour's on telly and they always show le peleton thundering down towards the finish line. 
Well, John has been doing some road races and had his photograph taken at the front of the bunch. 
Next time John, be a little more "pro" and get the name on the shirt in shot.


grant said...

Its difficult to get the logo in shot sometimes....

See here, for example..

My jersey zip is down too.

(Now in glossy A4 in my living room and awaiting a suitable frame. :-)

bikemonkey83 said...

Wow, I feel humbled. I seem to remember you managed a colossal 2 laps yourself.

Anyhoo, I'll be flying the Velocake flag so give me a wave if you ride past me whilst I'm pushing.

al said...

I think john looks AWESOME! on the front of the pack.

He almost looks like he knows what he's doing.

Well done him.


Mediocre Pete said...

There're places left on the bonty 12 for teams and pairs.

VeloCake said...

are you racing then pete?

pairs 12 hr? it's the civilised way to go