Sunday, 20 June 2010

This weeks flannel

I was going to write a load of good, interesting and hilarious stuff to keep you all interested today.  I was awake in bed last night thinking of loads of witty stuff that I've just gone and forgotten about.  So, here's some boring rubbish instead.

"Caffeinated Saturdays" came with a twist yesterday.  (Non-residents of Penzance and it's cafe scene can skip this bit).  Katie came to town and we decided to call into the Mackerel Sky cafe.  It used to be a really nice place, friendly staff, good coffee and hoyty toyty twists on normal stuff like sausage sandwiches; they'd stick some chives on top and have it on thick home made bread.  It's since changed hands and things ain't what they used to be!  The coffee was at boiling point and all the food has gone poncey tapas; not even real tapas!  Guijons and bellinis everywhere and a poncey price to boot!

"Nick the Post" made a timely arrival and we moved on to the Exchange Gallery cafe next door.  A friendly welcome, nice coffee, albeit in tall thin cups, and a good slice of lemon drizzle cake.  And we got a discount for being regulars.

In other news,  hopefully by now James Kay has accepted his invitation to share start writing some drivel on here (finally putting his English lit. degree to some use).

There are still plenty of Velocake caps available so get'em quick.  Also, anytime soon, the next batch of jerseys will be arriving for all that ordered one.

Finally, the sleepy Cornish hamlet of Goldsithney was a gasp as hundreds upon hundreds of cyclists rode through the village, on their way to Lands End today.  Being an intrepid-reporter-type I found out a little more. It was a mass Ride across Britain, brought to you in association with Delotti and assoc.  Whilst we were out riding our bikes, going in the opposite direction, out of 300 odd riders that passed us only about seven let on.  They were 10 miles from finishing and they couldn't be arsed letting on.  We said hello to every single one of the miserable bastards and got seven hellos back from the "Delotti ride across Britain".  I bet they're all just a bunch of soul-less suits from the home counties doing it for a charidee, with no real idea of being a cyclist.  Bunch of anti social self obsessed up their own arse stuck up bunch of ponces.  I hope they google Delotti R.A.B. and find this.  They had BMWs as support vehicles, that says it all really.

If you've managed to read this till the end here's a reward...  well done have some kittens!
Look, he's laughing but his friend is very grumpy!


bikemonkey83 said...

Write soon. Tired now

VeloCake said...

tired, from 16 miles in two days!
you'd better buck up your ideas in time for next year. and whos the weirdo in the football socks you kept taking pictures of?

I'm not really gay said...

does this mean that Velocake will be having a team entry at Mayhem next year ?

al said...

aren't the kittens sweet.

As for the miserable cycley types doing the lands end thing!!

What a bunch of numpties.

Also was 'nic the posty' lost or something? Not like him to turn up for a Velo-social.And where was my invite?


Nicky said...

Hmm sounds like you got folk from the same mould as the ones that do the Bucks off-road sportif...

Last three para's compare & contrast:

(shameless self-promotion)

VC team at Mayhem? Oh yes I went back (yes i know i'd vowed never again) and found some smiles (and rather a lot of hills be warned).

VeloCake said...

hmmmm. velocake team for mayhem...whos in? we could easily have a team of four, or a fun ten of ten. Or if everyone turns up whos got a jersey, we could all do one lap or so each, then sit around in a field all day.

jm said...

Never mind the kittens what about the cakes.Haven't seen any on here for ages.
Nic is always lost thats why we never get post on time.
Shall I tell the boss we're going then Mike.

al said...

Good point jm.

Where are the bloody cakes?


grant said...

Mayhem 2011? In.

(dependent on getting there)

grant said...


I may be tempted to take it seriously....


Nicky said...

Team of four? Five if you don't mind cos I'm not pretending to be a boy, unless you fancy being girls.. come to think of it.....


You know it's bound to rain next year though don't you..

VeloCake said...

errrmm... is this turning into a serious idea? how about getting everyone in a team and doing it pay per lap.
grant if you're in, we can get you down via cheeky mail surely. doing it seriously though hmmm mind you, if we get 12 or so people we can do two scorching laps each.

apart from papa, cause he'd play the card half way though :)

are the enteries open in january

grant said...

I'm trying to talk my bitch James into it..... :-D

VeloCake said...

james would be great, doesn't he love driving too?

he wouldn't even need to feed you if we're all in a team.

Old Relic said...

Maybe the bankers of Deloitte bought their BMW support vehicles before the Stock Market crash!

Old Relic said...

Maybe the bankers of Deloitte bought their BMW support vehicles before the Stock Market crash!