Sunday, 6 June 2010

Brizzle 12 hours of doost.

Bristol, what a mixed bag. 

After a frantic escape from Cornwall on Friday, the usual business ensued on arriving in Ashton court.  All the regular faces were there, and most of Friday night was spent catching up and talking rubbish.
Somehow on Saturday morning I managed to miss the start as I was otherwise disposed (It was the only time there wasn't a queue and it was early in the morning so I had to make the most of the situation.)  It wasn't critical, I was riding pairs with Nick so he was riding the start.
We sort of had a plan; two three hour stints each. Easy!
I was feeling very mehh at the start but the enthusiasm of others managed to shake me. I was ready. Nick had only been out for an hour but I was raring to go.  Chamois cream applied and I got suited up.  As per usual, Nick kept spinning his diddy gears and stayed out for almost three hours before the heat and thirst got the better of him and he rolled into the Cheeky awning.

On his return, I went (ahem) sprinting out for my first lap.  Into the singletrack and all my mojo suddenly went.  Every rock, every root stopped me. I just couldn't get going, even on the smooth fast swoopy stuff.  Guess, I really need to ride the mountain bike more, either that or give up "racing".

By the end of the second lap I'd warmed up and was starting to get myself together.  The third lap was a positive joy, but Nick was waiting in the pits and I needed a drink, so I pulled in.
Laps came and went. I had flash backs to previous races, bits of the course had me thinking I was in Eastnor, Trentham, Sandwell and even the place of the first Bonty 24/12.  I stopped for power jizz and a couple of codeine tablets and man, I flew for the next laps.
I was having a great time.  I was complemented on my lines through the last singletrack by another rider?? I had Chipps buzzing my back tyre, doing impressions of Darth Vader in his Tie-fighter.  I then followed a girl on a Spesh who zipped easily through the singletrack; I sat on her tail and followed her every line and we flew through the trees.  It was almost like a Mint Sauce ride. 
By now it was almost half six.  I could easily do another two laps, and send Nick out for the glory lap.  Phil the Horse  gave us a cheery "Go on sausage" and on I went.  Everything was peachy!  Some bloke from Goldtec asked nicely to come past on the right so in my best Stoke accent I cheerily shouted back "go on duck".  It was all going so well, my legs felt fresh and I was really enjoying it.  I squared up to the bridge, hit it, hauled myself over the brim then stopped.  The chain was off!  On closer inspection, my chainring had pretzel'd itself. I rode off the bridge one footed then tried to beat the sodding thing with a rock.  Back on for another 100 yards before giving up!  It was a long lonely walk back to the finish. I was heckled about singlespeeds being simple and reliable by a woman with a pram.  Nick went back out slightly earlier than planned to the finish.  Last time I checked we were in sixth place.
John was having a great race in the solo's until his extra smooth race tyres washed out on a corner  and the curse of the VeloCake knees struck.  He also walked back with a tennis ball on his knee and packed.

A mixed bag then really.  I lost then found my (limited) ability to properly ride a mountain bike, was hating it then loving it and somehow finished quite reasonably.

VeloCake might well be back again next year.


al said...

Well done all!

The lady with the pram seems like the most sensible one there!

Did she throw any soggy rusks or pap loaded nappies at you?


jm said...

How long does it take for tennis balls in the knee to go down.It's Monday now and still in there.It wasn't even a corner but a very straight flat bit of track.

Red Bike said...

Congratulations all.

Got a 12hr next week and i'm praying for once the sun wont be out in full force.

bikemonkey83 said...

Sounds lovely - makes me want to go and ride right now.

VeloCake said...

James go and ride, mayhem is just around the corner. you'll need miles

VeloCake said...

Grant, the Iru Bru was ideal endurance drink. thanks for the heads up.

bikemonkey83 said...

Pfft. I'm predicting that a switch from SS to geared bike will see me having a 100% improvement on my last race performance (i.e. 2 laps)

VeloCake said...

did you do 24/12 on a single? i don't remember that. besides i wouldn't have thought you been fit enough back then, yoou porker! ;P

do two laps then, i dare you.

Nicky said...

Jim - bung ice and arnica on it..

bikemonkey83 said...

Yup, I was riding the inbred. I'll do two laps, at night, one handed mister, and pop a dead good wheelie.

badger dave said...

Looks fun, only 3 more weeks until I can ride bikes guilt free :D

jm said...

Thanks but who's

grant said...

Irn Bru - drink of champions.

alf said...

I think jim is the really rough looking dude in your avitar!!


al said...

alf can't even spell avatar, thicko!

Remember cakey cakey coffee stop at the olive tree in the morning.


ps jim is welcome along!!