Saturday, 1 May 2010

Quick Weekend Update...

Theres a packed VeloCake diary this weekend, so a quick reminder.

Sunday, The Dyfi Enduro, 60km of off road Welsh loveliness around
Macynynnnleth ( or something like that). You can ride with Big Steve and Chris and take in the views, or...
Monday, The VeloCake bun run,
09:30/10:00 hours meeting at Jordans caff in the beach car park Marazion.
The ride afterwards will be back to yours, maybe the long way round if you feel like it. There will be spot prizes for those turning up in team colours and for anyone unsure, Alan will be leading a party from Penzance town centre from 09:30 ish - Look for an dodgy looking old fella with a beard and a flasher mac on a rickety old bike standing alone in a carpark.


Troy tempest said...

He sounds well dodgy!

Think I'll give it a miss.


grant said...

And Velocake Scotchland are away to the safari park after a few days of intense training.

okay, maybe not the update you wanted. :.)

VeloCake said...

Grant, do they have a cafe at the safari park? (i didn't know they even had safari parks in Scotland.
Whats in it, wild haggis?

Troy, get back to aquamarina or the mysterons or some it. Actually you'll probaly know Alan already, he hangs around the docks alot, right next to your sub.

al said...

I think we need a list of the numbers for the monday morning meet?

The car park is only good for about 150 or so!!

I'll be number 1


I never liked that Tempest bloke,he had a big head. Don't know why, his acting was really wooden.

VeloCake said...

Shouldn't you be in bed by now Alan?

(you never did invite us for tea either did you)

grant said...

Wild haggis...





Yes, a cafe. I plan consume mass quantities of coffee and cake there while reading the new Singletrack as pennance for not getting out today. Bloody nice out too....

al said...

You two can come round for your teas any time ya want.

Just put an order in and i'll knock it together.