Friday, 14 May 2010

Minty Arse Lard.

If that doesn't get us some google hits nothing will.
The 24 hour, 12 hour or riding a fixed from Chepstow to Anglesey and back non stop season is well upon us and what should all discearning bike riders have ready to hand?
Minty arse lard or chamois cream of course.
Over the years endurance riders have tried many various things.  Assos, Sudocrem and udder cream.  After much research I have now found the creme de la creme.  (See what i did there). Here it is.

Zwitsal!   Belgiums finest botty cream, and they know a thing or two about cycling.   For those Belgians exiled in Stockport, it's probaly available online.
Team VeloCake will be "onhand" with our supply for the 24 hour championships.

Other news, with the cross season rapidly approaching and for those who haven't seen it already here's a link to an impressive bit of riding and filming by those V.C. Moulin chaps.  It's worth following.
Be impressed


grant said...

"Team VeloCake will be "onhand" with our supply for the 24 hour championships."

I'm sorry, but I'll be applying my own, okay. :-)

Uncle nobby said...

Are go on,he's been looking forward to the ass cream application duties for months now!!

Nobody loves mikey.

I do, and I have some bum lotion!

al's Uncle nobby.

Dr. KO said...

Funny, that I wrote also an article on that topic over at teamherecomethebelgians. Maybe I can hunt down a pot of Zwitsal next time I'm in Belgium for a list of contents.

Old Relic said...

Mmmmmmmm! Ducth nappy rash cream! I'll stick with Assos!

Old Relic said...

Of course what I menat was "Mmmmmmmm! Dutch nappy rash cream! I'll stick with Assos!". Apologies to our clog-wearing neigbours!!

Old Relic said...

Bugger! I give up, my spelling centre seems to be mis-firing!!

Anonymous said...

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