Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Club runs,cafes and red setters.

Monday's "club run" saw a great turn out as five of us met up on the beach in Marazion.  We had tea, coffee and cake then rode home.  The slackness was kept up to full as Ian turned up in his car and a stranger tried to join in and started admiring Ted the Yeti. 
 "I've got a Spesh Tri cross",
 "Yeah? beat it loser"
I pity the fool.

More news, welcome everyone to your new team-mate, Dave Clark.  Many of you will already know Dave "360" and he's riding the Clic24 in VeloCakes colours and has guaranteed a podium finish. Welcome on-board champ.
One last thing, if anyone else wants to have something they've written up here in lights, let me know, the four of us can't do this alone.  Anything will do as long as it's sort of relevant, send it in and join up.


al said...

Is the invitation of writing random blatherings open to me too?

This could all go horribly wrong!!


grant said...

Get Barnes the Time Trialist to write something. :-)

Anonymous said...

Why, sir I think your write up of the monumentous "bun run" is lacking somewhat. It was ace!

I'm not really gay said...

Punkass has some words to share

and I thought he was looking enviously at our jerseys at the Dyfi ;-)

VeloCake said...

Yes Alan, you're right.
Open to everyone but you.
"You'd go and spoil it all by saying something stupid".

al said...


But I'm sure you would censor anything not up to your meticulous standards.

Anyway I'm not the one calling fellow bikers 'loosers'


David said...

Yello, I is here. That black and white thing on the black is a corwall flag? bugger. Must get it covered up with something.

So anyway, Clic24 is DONE. Podium? er not quite, but ITS NOT MY FAULT. Its a nice event too, already planning next year.

VeloCake said...

Grant would have been in the top three, you're rubbish!
try harder next time.