Sunday, 9 May 2010

The Bun Run - a fuller report.

The May Day bank holiday saw one of the biggest VeloCake meets, since the first trip out to the Chapel Rock cafe in late 2008. The founder members were all there - bar one who hasn't been seen in weeks!

On waking, we were pleasantly suprised to see sunny skies for the event. This was gonna be super! We set off - We were running late so we had to take the most direct route.

On arriving, it was eriely deserted. We were the first to arrive. Oh no, amazingly we weren't. In keeping with the ethos of VeloCake, VeloCaker Ian jumped out of a parked car and then produced a shiney MTB out of the boot. In true VeloCake spirit he then planned to ride his bike across the car park the whole 30metres to the caff.

So, now there were three. Excited we watched for the next arrival.  Alan had arranged to meet people in Penzance and then bring the "party" with him. So we expectantly looked down the coast path. A few lone cyclists came along but they didn't stop. The bores!

ooOoo then we spotted Al, flying along the coast path! The party must be somewhere behind him; they obviously couldn't keep up! Oops! Nope. he was alone, no-one had turned up at the Penzance meet. Can't blame them though, who'd want to cycle along with this cantankerous old git? ;-)

Oh well, now there were four of us. Al said we should be making a move. He said the rest would be at the cafe. We were a little puzzled as we were already at the arranged meeting point. There was a little confusion. Mikey had advertised the meet as Jordans cafe in Marazion, but despite being only minutes from Marazion this was apparently classed as Long Rock.

Scrumptious Lemon Drizzle Cake
Once Al's confusion was rectified, we turned our attentions back to awaiting more hoards of cyclists. Oooh, a coach pulled into the car park. This was it. The team had arrived. Was this the Northern contingent? Ohh, nope, it was a bunch of old folk pulling over to use the loo.

A little later than expected VeloCaker John was seen hurtling towards us in a fetching VeloCake wifebeater! Now he meant business... he was after the prize for wearing VC apparel. He wasn't the only one, I too had a VeloCake jersey on. Little did we know, Mikey had forgotten to purchase any prizes. Pfft!

So now there were five. This was a record breaking meet. All the originals, plus me! Now it was time for tea and cake.

The cake was good, the tea was ok - if a little weak. The conversation was interesting, yet now and again it fell into the gutter. After an hour it was time to head home. Working as a team we paced Ian back to his car. Then Al setted of; grumbling about his broken zip as he went. John accompanied us back to our village and then continued on his journey. Only another 15miles.

So that was it, the VeloCake Bun Run. Can't wait for the next one. Who's in?

Carrot and something else not very tempting cake.


al said...

Bloody zip!

jm said...

Your mum always said you'd have trouble with them.Stick to velcro and slip on shoes she said.Did you listen Al no you didn't.So who's fault is it then.

al said...

Hang on!

I bought the jacket from you.

I did notice your new audax shoes have velcro instead of those hard to learn lacy things.


trio said...

This report means nothing without pictures of Cake!

jm said...

Any one doing the Bryan Chapman this weekend a good excuse for lots of cake

KatieCake said...

Cake pics added :-)

Plus a group pic - stolen from Al!

al said...

Carrot and coconut cake.

Twas reet gradly twas!

al,from the noorf.

al said...

One word...

Bristol Bikefest june 2010!



bunny said...

thanks for biggin up my epic ride thought i had only done 20 metres myself,good job there was a cafe stop half way dont think i could have made it in one

al said...

Welcome along Bunny!

About time you showed up,what with your love all things cakey 'n' all.