Tuesday, 25 May 2010

24 Hours of 'Cake

Flying the Flag

This weekend saw Velocake competing at the 24 Hrs of Exposure at Newcastle in Scotchland. Myself and Steve rode in (and hid from) 29 degree heat and under clear blue skies.


Second lap start

After the first couple of laps, the heat took its toll and we both took a break before setting off again. Steve did another couple of laps before deciding to call it a day due to his knee and I did another five, taking 1 1/2 hrs kip between 3 and 4 at 2:30am.

After them though, I was getting tired, the temperature was rising again and, displaying more common sense than I'm prone to, called it a day too.

However, the Cake massive should be proud, having done well in the conditions and lasted longer than half of the field, who had quit by 6pm.......

Katie and her faithfull assistant Mikey were support stars, as expected and all in all, the Massive had a great weekend....

Team photo.


al said...

Well done fellas.

The weather has been a bit on the sticky side!

Congrats for digging in for the Velocake massive.


ps Is Mike standing in a hole?

bikemonkey83 said...

Good work chaps

Red Bike said...

Well done all. I did say hello at the start but you'd of had no idea who I was.

Apparently it was still 30deg at 6:30 and 32deg at mid day!

grant said...

Al, Steve and I must be wearing our heels or something....

Red Bike - sorry!

Halfbee said...

So let me get this straight, you were driving for longer than you were riding?

VeloCake said...

they weren't, i was.
some people drove for 3 hours and rode for 24 (ish)

Simon said...

I drove (and was driven) for about 18 hours to ride for 1 hour when I went to see Mikey last year :)

al said...

"I drove all niiiiight to get to you"

And so on...

I once walked 18 feet to see mikey! He was in posession of a packet of choccy hobnobs at the time though!!


ps Please come home mikey,I miss you and need to talk to a Manc' n stuff.

See you at the curry shed.

VeloCake said...

i've never owned any chocolate hobnobs

VeloCake said...

Simon, it didn't take 18 hours did it?
good to have you back btw.

al said...

No sorry! It wasn't you, it was the hobnob fairy.

An easy mistake!!

Welcome home.

al ;-)

Blogging Police Service. said...

Has Mikey's power been cut off at home or is he just being slack and leaving all his 'fan' wanting more?

I fancy he is basking in the Cornish sun rather than getting on and blogging,the bounder!!


grant said...


All the contributors take responsibility for the lack of content. Rest assured it will be remedied soon (when I've finished it)

However, Mikey DOES need to post pick of the caps. :-)

VeloCake said...

BFP. shut it alan, besides it's raining.