Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Why sir.....your reputation precedes you.

Yet again this silly little idea of ours to have a none "bike club" club has had me chuckling to myself with it's popularity/ notoriety.
For example, last weekend fellow Caker John travelled to Cirencester to participate in a slow bicycle race.  For those of you that don't know a slow bicycle race is an Audax.  A very long ride though the countryside by old men on old bikes with large saddle bags and a time limit.  Not nowadays though, since these sportives have become all the rage the saddle bags and hi vis jackets are all but gone and carbon fibre and Rapha are the next big thing. 

Whilst stopped at one of the many cake and beans on toast stops a member of Chippenham wheelers no less approached John in his team jersey and (try not to read this with an inner geeky voice of an Audax-er please, they may be reading this) said, " Oh, VeloCake, I've heard of you. I read your blog, it's very good."  He then spent five minutes discussing the zietgeist of VeloCake.  They then finished the beans on toast and rode off for another 300km.

I'm now thinking we should form a network of twinned groups,  I have already made an allegiance with Here come the Belgians although they don't know it and somehow I feel a connection with the Morvelo spirit so maybe Chippenham Wheelers et al can be twinned with VeloCake.  In the same way Cheadle Hulme is twinned with Heilbronn in Germany, we're sharing the (velo)love. 

Following on from this, I'm beginning to think they may have to be a once a month road section as many people seem to be crossing over.  I flickred with interest through Papa's collection of photographs of the recent L'enfer du Nord-humberland of happy folks riding road bikes and even down in deepest Cornwall there is a small road only section of VeloCake. So if anyone has any roadie news they wish to share then please feel free.  I'm off to ride my mountain bike.
Here is a picture of Old Relic's bicycle to brighten up an otherwise dull post. (He's almost half Scotchtish)


jm said...

I think it was at Daventry that the incident happened.It was the second beens on toast of the day,followed with a currant scone.First beens on toast was at Atherstone Winnys Cafe and previous to that Alcester for a coffee.Rounded of with a treacle sponge and custard down in Tackley.That got me back to Cirencester for some chips and lots of caramel cake with nuts

badger dave said...

Can the Axis of Weasel come and play too? Representing, well ourselves really, at SSEC one of a possible 2 races the team will do this year. If that's not a none bike club club I don't know what is.

Keep up the good work.

VeloCake said...

John it reads more like a gastro-tour on wheels than an audax.
hardly wholesome and nutricious though is it though.

grant said...

Spooky.....something similar happened to me at the weekend...

"Oh, Velocake? Are they the Cornwall guys?"

"Aye, I'm kinda the Scottish wing...."

I dabble in the road thing, as some of you know. There was a point to that statement, but i can't remember what it as.

VeloCake said...

I think it might have to now have a "global" theme to the title rather than just Cornwall.

Grant your doing a fine job up there. I hope you pointed out to them that theres not just guys in VeloCake and we have real female people here too. So not to be sexist.

al said...

I would rather be anywhere else than behind a bean stuffed J.M for 300km!

Mikey, Female kind of people are my favourite kind.Even better, a female kind of person in lycra on a Ritchey P20 holding a large apple turnover.

"1,2,3 your back in the room"

Sorry! I drifted away for a mo!!


jm said...

Did I mention my Velocake top has had another shrinking

al said...

Funny you should say that J.M, my shirts are getting tight.
Although strangley, only around the middle!!

Go figure.

Sorry! gone all American again.


Mediocre Pete said...

Good grief. I used to go to school in Alcester. JM did you do all that in one day? Good grief.

I went out for an xc excursion this avo and decided the terrain in places was akin to a well baked crust on a fruit crumble.

Crumble fest.

Suppose its time to get the cheque book out shortly?!!

Old Relic said...

Take a look at
I know it's very LOndon-centric, but not to make the top 50 is a shame!

Old Relic said...

Talking of about this lot? They make Audax types look positively racey!