Thursday, 29 April 2010

Team Velocake will be there

well, two of us will be...... me and her above (yes thats right, that one thats kicking that Morvelo riders ass into touch !) where ? doyasay ?, well the Dyffi Enduro, the first big turnout for the midlands VC'ers, it'll be wet, it'll be windy, it'll be a hoot !

full report sometime Sunday night, hopefully showing off a twist to the acceptable VC racing kit, depends on the weather but should be something to inspire those on the clubrun I hope :-)


VeloCake said...


Go Steve, Go Chris.

Eat it Morvelo!

You're both winners. (although it's remember it's not a race, it's a non competitive timed event.)
I will offer up a bun to the good weather gods .

grant said...

Go Velocake!!!!!

Taking over the UK racing scene, one event at a time. ;-)

G as in Chris said...

I plan to represent VC by proudly and diligently working hard for the lanterne rouge!