Sunday, 25 April 2010

Club Run

If anyone is interested and in the Penzance area on
 Sunday  Monday, 3rd May 2010 @ 10am
We will be having a CLUB BUN RUN!

Cake-stop location yet to be decided (open to suggestions)

All welcome, but for all you "non-tortoise types" please drain your energy first as it’s not gonna be a fast pace.

Better still you all you “sport billies” can carry on for a longer faster ride after the main event.

So then, who’s in?


grant said...

Club runs? Racing results?

I mean, WTF?!

There'll be a big team presence at a national event next..........

VeloCake said...

I will be there, and expecting cheesecake and a nice cup/pot of tea. or maybe an oeuf cutard.

Grant speaking of which, get of yer ass and get training?

grant said...
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grant said...

Oh behave! :-)

I've been out today in the pissing rain, mud and grime.

Proper wetness and mud too. The kind that destroys your brakes and turns you into an out-of-control high speed piece of fat-tyred fury. The kind that means you have to strip in the kitchen and get your gear straight into the washing machine. No messing about. No post-ride coffee. Strip and straight in the bath.

Did have a point? Who knows.

al said...

Have you been primed by your worser half?

Mikey knows I am at a VW event in Lceicestercistershire!

Also he knows I take delivery of my new Rickety Mountain MTB style bouncy bike on monday and would like nothing more than to get sea sick on the way to a cafe of Velocakes choosing.

I hate you Mikey!!

KatieCake said...

Oops... he had forgotten!

We obviously hoped (and expected) you to be there so we are happy to change the date to Monday JUST for you. Well, thats if you promise to be there!

Cakey Cakey!!

al said...

Thank you sweet Miss cakey!

I love you Mikey.

jm said...

Will we have caps by then??

jm said...

Just found this it might help some of you get here.Mike and Katy will plant lots of trees to equal out the carbon bit.I think he just said he'd pay for tickets as well said something about making money on kit or something.

jonny fart pants said...

Hello Velocake, you would need to plant a forest to cancel out my flatchulence!!

And I'll need two plane tickets for my mate Buster Gonad.

Thanks very glad.

Mr Pants, Fulchester, Northumberland

VeloCake said...

oh Alan, stop lowering the tone.
you'll be scaring people away.

VeloCake said...

And carry on like that and I'll put the logging in back on and banish you with technology!

Mediocre Pete said...


Would like very much to be there, but alas am going to visit folk in Chorlton!

Sodding typical as it will definitely be the highlight of the spring season. Hope you all have a lovely day. Can I be there in spirit?

Oh by the way did I mention that I'm gutted?

(can I request a cap too please?)

al said...

Why do I get the blame for everything round here?

Some chap with an obvious wind problem is trying to get to one of our meets and all you do is blame me for posting this stuff!!

And he is going to the trouble of bringing his friend with what sounds like he may have massive swollen plums to contend with. Do you think these two members don't deserve a little more respect?

I welcome a more diverse membership, even if you don't.

al, not a BNP member,Penzance.

Mediocre Pete said...

Where and when?
Or is like a rave and I have to cycle around the by-pass looking for clues?

There is a chance that i will be back from up norf and would relish joining the bun run.

Mediocre Pete said...

Oh 10:00 am, I see it now, but where?

VeloCake said...

Pete, go to Knutsford services about 06:00 hrs and we'll send you a text as to where to meet up.
It'll be like old times. Bring a glo stick.

VeloCake said...

Mondays bun run will be to jordans, by the beach, in the car park, Marazion. 09:30-10:00 hours.
don't expect a ride afterwards, we're going straight home.
See you all there.

Anyone in a VC jersey wins a prize too!!

al said...

I am thinking of riding to the caf from Tredavoe!!

Thats a good 4 miles each way.

Would anyone like to meet me at Bramwells mill in Penzance at 9.00on the way through ?

I promise to keep the speed down for some of our less fit members!!

Subject to change if its raining.


grant said...

I wore my jersey on today's solo ride.

I have eaten a fair bit of cake over the last 2 days.


grant said...

I wore my jersey on today's solo ride.

I have eaten a fair bit of cake over the last 2 days.