Monday, 5 April 2010

Jet Set Life.

I know it's been over a week since anything has happened here, but I've been busy, and I'm not one of those people that sits around international terminals busying themselves with laptops waiting to jet off on 737s to who knows where.
Therefore nothing has gone on.
What have I been doing is this, after numerous emails and calls to various clothing people I've got more VeloCake stuff on the way for everyone.  Those shirts don't just appear y'know it takes effort.

Secondly and most importantly, internationally reknowned photographer Dan Barham and his long suffering Laura got married last week and I was honoured to be invited.  
Dan's far too busy schmoozing his way around the world of MTB publishing to read this so I can say what I like aboot him eh?
I have known Dan since he was a young wippersnapper in the bike industry, fresh from incorrectly cutting carpets at Carpetworld of Sale.  Even then as a spotty teenager he was a cocky, gobshite, the worlds biggest show-off and never knew when to shut up.  Now he has grown up and got married but he is still a cock but it was a great day and the wedding cake was super nice.
Congratulations to the both of you.

Other news, the usual Saturday morning cafe run happened as normal.  The St.Tropez was shut, so we went round the corner to the Green bean.  I also had cake later at every earth mothers favourite haunt, Charlie Browns.


sackofcack said...

Congratulations Dan
It only seems like yesterday,When niel first let him serve customers:-)

bikemonkey83 said...

I remember having to explain who Casey Rybeck is to endless bewildered customers.

You'll be missed.

Oh, married, congratulations!

VeloCake said...

james he's still's only canaeda eh? you could write.

ahh casey rybeck. yes. do you remember the spesh team coloured road bike, "£2000 for a bike and someone slaps an advert for mineral water on it. welcome to Tony Blairs Britian"
and also
Easton handlebars, with CNT technology, aparently...
He is wasted in international mtb photography.
he's still the biggest cock i know.

al said...

I do love living my life vicariously through you Mikey!

If i didn't have your world of adventures and stories I would be a hollow shell by now.

Saturday morning bun run then?

St Tropez?

We can make up some other stories about knowing famous people and that!!


ps Yes I know I'm a cock.

G as in Chris said...

That cake was good.

I want a hat, btw.

VeloCake said...

"i want a hat, please"... :)

yes that cake was good.