Saturday, 27 March 2010

This Weeks news of the week.

Recomendations for the the cake of the week come via Mr Smythe, so here  is some cheese cake from Trek.  This is their everyday elevenses and its bought in by a waiter with broken fingers and hands.

Other news, today we turned off our lights for an hour to save the planet. Personaly I think we should discourage recycling and energy saving and maybe in a few hundred years all the scum of humanity will die out and be replaced by flowers and fluffy bunnies.
Back to the day to day VeloCake stuff, the last order of clothing is now being stitched away at Endura and I've had the proofs for the caps and they are looking "AWESOME".
A couple of minor tweeks will be made but heres a spoiler
More stuff.  As we all will be up in Scotchland at the end of May for the velofest of exposure 24hour, ( hey, they'll be an almost 24hour VeloCake pit crew too) we will all be mincing around in little camp hats so we will all be easily identifiable to each other.
One last thing just because I am. here's Frank Sidebottom of Timperley with a musical tribute  hit the north
Or if you prefer the high brow version, heres Mark E Smith. and The FALL


grant said...

Caps are looking very good....very good indeed.

sackofcack said...

Fine looking caps mikey
mark E smith = legend.
But kids, dont do drugs(-:

Mediocre Pete said...

I have never been a wearer of the cap but this year I think I will start, as it keeps the sun off my face and out my eyes. Was this a pre order thing or... can I put in a request post stitch?

I'm not really gay said...

hey, where were you this weekend at Daves stag ?, you were missed fella, we spoke affectionatly of you did Dave and I :-)

make sure your nut sac is trimmed for Tuesday !

Old Relic said...

Very nice! I'll have a couple please.

Old Relic said...

Cracking headgear Grommet, I'll have a couple!

Old Relic said...

Sorry for duplicating my post. Old age I guess. By the way, I'll have a couple!

al said...

I love cheese cake me!

A bit of 'off topic' for you...

My back's broke,

My engine's broke,

And i'm bloody broke!!

I would love to have one of them there caps, but it would make a mess of my barnet.