Sunday, 21 March 2010

Oh crap..

My espresso tamper snapped the other day. It was combined with the perfect measuring spoon on the other end.  I now have a stick and a spoon with no handle. 
Praise Budha then that wonderful bike bit people Chris King have made a new coffee tamper that won't brake. 

Keeping in the precision bicycle parts theme, I felt a little sad that Phil Wood died the other day.  Don't know why, never met the guy. Still it seems a shame.  Also I found out Alex Chilton died last week, him of 70's jingle jangle indie guitar band Big Star, The band that launched a hundred mid nineties sound a like bands (mainly from Glasgow).  News over.

1 comment:

al said...

Shame about your coffee tamper!

The other bad news I can handle. If you need a small slave boy sending round to do the coffee proding give me a shout.I have a range of slave children under my stairs and can send you a spare!!