Sunday, 28 February 2010

Your VeloCake Needs YOU! (insert big finger pointing visual gag here)‏

Greetings All,
You may well have noticed that other internet based cycling "groups/teams" seem to have an annual role call of their riders in a shameless bit of self promotion.
Oh yeah, he's doing this, she's winning that, team bollards was 273rd at sleepless in the mixed fun catagory.... blah blah blah.
So, as I am constantly on the watch to "up" the online presence of VeloCake I have decided to do the same. If you wish to be on the team and become part of VeloCake Pro-ish Squdra I will be compiling a list that will read like a whos who of the great and good of cycling.
Whether you be doing solo 24 hour mountain marathons, cross races, the 3 peaks, , heck...even enduros or the Altrincham Seamons club 8.3 mile TT.
If you'll put VeloCake down on the list then you're in.
Tell us your hopes and dreams for the upcoming year and I'll make a super dooper team roll call of who's doing what under the VeloCake flag in the next 12 months. I'm sure you all get the idea. If you're vain and want a photo putting in too, then why not. Send that as well.

This includes you James Kay, stuff Bogle Bartle and Hegarty, you sign up for Mayhem as VeloCake, I'll buy you a danish...

I hope you will all respond favourably and think big, together we can drive the dream forward...
(I'm practising motivational speaking for the end of May)


Tom said...

This year is all about 1 race. I missed it last year for the first time in 15? years.

In November I'll be racing Lightwater Laike around a theme park with my own cheer squad.

VeloCake said...

will you be riding in your 'Cake shirt?
well done Tom, our first racer of

bikemonkey83 said...

Pfft BBH. I'm representin' TBWA bwoy.

BTW I'll do what I can, but it's not my decision to make. I'll wear my jersey, drink beer and eat cake, will that do?

grant said...

A season all about one race? Tom is Lance......

Anyway, I thought tom was already signed up? :-)

grant said...

Wait...... Does this mean you want some sort of bio? :-)

al said...

As you know Mikey, I no longer ride a bicycle!

I will be doing the cake and biscuit 365 this year.

Yes, I will be attempting to complete the eating of a cake or biscuit or both on every single day of the year.

You can help me in my 'slog' by eating some cake this morning with me, J. moose, Bunny Warren, 'But why' and Wrong size wheels Bond!

That's if staffing levels are at full strength?


Tom said...

I will indeed be in last years Velocake jersey. Last time around was Singletraction but I've retired from trail building.
Me in full attack mode as I was beating, and beat, one of the top juniors from 1993.

Bruce said...

I am thinking of doing the Summer Polaris does that count? Might even get Debs to do it. Will will probablly be last in mixed supervet though.

VeloCake said...

hurrah! the team is getting huge!
keith, of course it counts and there's nothing wrong with last place. Thats what we're all about isn't it.

Tom, you'll be fine in last years jersey (it also doubles up nicely as the 2010 version too)

I'm not really gay said...

I've a huge problem, so many people want my services, can we have a VC - Cheeky - Sideways - Bike Shak - Frankencrank combo please :-)

and there's always the MakinLove team to consider as well

VeloCake said...

whats a man to do?

are the makinlovers still going then? Whats they going to be racing this year?

grant said...

Provisional VeloCake representations this year:

24 Hrs of Exposure
10 @ Kirroughtree
Selkirk (Not Merida) Marathon
Scottish CX season (couple of races)

Some subject to change, passes etc. One set in stone. :-)

Mediocre Pete said...

A shirt would be nice, but I've got the sticker so I'm sorted. I have entered the Marin Roughride, bit of a trip, but new place to explore.

Will go to:
The Exmoor Explorer,
Fully sussed round at Idless

Would like to do the Cheddar Challenge and the 24/12 but have no partner for the latter or stomach to do anything solo.

"I am proud to ride for VeloCake and would like to thank our sponsors............. for their support and the bike they gave Mike. The excellence of their engineering, refined over many seasons surely gave him the edge that only............ can give"

al said...


A missing word competition.

Is it, Glaxo Smithkline?

Or could be a long shot, Monsanto/Welcome/Unilever/Nestle giganto-inc.

I know how you boys like your Corporate tie-ins! ;-)

Up the revolutoin brothers and sisters.

VeloCake said...

So the team's really coming together nicely isn't it. Anymore takers?

KatieCake said...

I will be cross racing under the team name this year. On Ted.

grant said...

"I will be cross racing under the team name this year. On Ted."


jm said...

Can I join the "On Ted" team as well or am I contracted to stay in Velocake forever.

KatieCake said...

John, Velocake is for life, not just for Christmas. Anyway, as a founding member you can not jump ship.

BTW, "Team Ted" is only for those with Ted's! ;-)

Alessandro said...


I like cake and a bit of cycling.

Thought I would join up.

Come the revolution citizen there will be cake crumbs against the wall.


grant said...

Is Team Ted a sort of sub-team? Like a Development Team or very specialist subset of the VeloCake empire?

(p.s. oooooh, I got some stickers in the post. THANKS MIKE!!)

VeloCake said...

ha ha ha a VeloCake development team, maybe sponsored by fisher price; my first bike team kinda thing? hmmm....

i like it, a sub genre spin off. I'll put you down as directeur then eh Grant? (i've got enough to do)

Welcome Sandy, it's only taken you about a year and a half to get here. Good job there's not a fire. :P

Alessandro said...

What can I say out of my area.

Development, how about a test team ?

TT Cakeathon, nice.

grant said...

Surely Katie is directeur of that part of the VeloCake empire? :-)

KatieCake said...

What are you saying, Mikey....

Boys who didn't originally like the name Ted can NOT be directeur ;-)

Raouligan said...

I shall be racing local cross races in the Autumn, I fail to see how I can get bored in an hour. I'd thought about doing more but I love riding too much to make it slavish misery ;0)

VeloCake said...

Raoul, how could you get bored riding that lovely mercian round a muddy school football pitch.
besides, i now make you head of the velocake having fun division.

grant said...

This is all in danger of becoming serious..... :-)

Katie......I gave you numerous name suggestions. I was just trying to help.... ;-)

Steve said...

Three Peaks fell
Perfect date and walnut slice
Three Peaks cx
More eccles cakes (and chorleys)
So six peaks altogether. Oh and maybe a pecan slice too.

Alessandro said...

I will be riding as many TT this year as possible.

I hope I can fly the Velocake banner at all of them.

There is usually a fine selection of cake after so thats two events represented.

Top reading: Mary Berry, Simple cakes ( Never have a sponge go flat again. )

Is she related to Bez ?

grant said...

There's chat regarding the Puffer Lite.......might be good.


Rocketdog said...

i raced to the pie shop yesterday, but there was no sign on list, i just shouted in a high pitched slightly manic voice "i', with VELOCAKE!!!!" and thrust my jersey in the old lady's face, hope this is ok and counts towards world domination of the group?

Old Relic said...

Mmmmmmmm cake!